Bernie’s Restorations is the place for vintage candy machines and vintage cigarette machines. Whether you want us to restore your antique candy machine or pick one of our diamonds in the rough. We have experience with all the popular models from Stoner, Mills, Rowe or Kandy King, National, U Select it. They can be done in any color scheme to fit into your rec room or done to show support to your favorite major brand. Antique candy machines are in most cases one of the coolest “Americana” items you could add to your collection.

Some have great art deco styling, others give that 50’s-60’s styling we all love!  Antique cigarette machines, love them or hate them, they are definitely a part of our past and a simpler one at that. It’s hard to believe there was a time when anybody, yes anybody could walk up with a shiny new quarter and buy a pack of Camels, Lucky Strikes, Marlboro’s, or Pall Malls. Could you imagine watching someone pump $5 in quarters into a cigarette machine nowadays? On second thought that could be fun! Thanks for stopping by our website, hopefully, you saw something that caught your eye and took you back in time, that’s always fun!

Have a sweet tooth for something cool in your house or garage?