In this photo gallery, you will find some very unique and art deco fun items for giving your home or office that special conversation piece we all love! Whether it’s decorating your favorite Dayton, Toledo, or Mills scale in your favorite sweet treat brand or your company livery to reward your grandchildren or treasured customers with a special treat! Let’s not forget about how ornate early 1900’s VanBerkel meat slicer can be after fresh nickel plating and all the gold pinstriping is reapplied by hand!

Need a practical place to store your personal items??? How about in a freshly restored vintage safe!   These are excellent pieces to stay with classic pinstriping and a local banking institution or proudly display your company colors! This “miscellaneous” photo gallery is a really great example of why we love what we do so much! One day you are working on a 1940’s time clock with a matching wooden time cardholder, the next you’re working on a 1920’s Holcombe and Hoke popcorn machine, and if that’s not cool enough the phone rings and there’s a customer on the other end asking us to restore his cast-iron Perey Manufacturing turnstile for out in front of his home theater. Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane when manufacturers put as much emphasis on design and style as they did functionality!

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