For most of the customers we deal with there is a handful of reasons they purchase items from us.

First and foremost, they want something that is cool that their neighbor doesn’t have and that’s where a restored Eli Bridge ferris wheel seat love seat comes into play. It is a win, win really, you get to sit close to your honey and don’t have to deal with the anxiety of rocking 40′ in the air! If a restored ferris wheel seat is not your thing, how about a restored Tilt-A-Whirl seat??? I don’t currently have a picture of a Tilt-A-Whirl seat restored but I do have a picture in the “Diamonds in the rough” album.

The second reason people buy items from us is, we are all looking for that spark that takes us back to fond memories from our childhood. Anybody remember a little place called Disneyland in CA?? Or another place called Riverview park in Chicago IL?? Well, we have one of the original “Hot Rod cars” that you could have zoomed around in as a kid. They were made in 1953 by the Studebaker Car Co. they feature a gas-powered engine plus they also have rack and pinion steering. I’m not sure how many cars Disneyland used but I do know Riverview had 13. 12 were used on the track for service and the 13th car was a “cop car” with a little bigger engine to regulate unruly patrons and to push a disabled car back to the shop.

Finally, the third reason people purchase items from us is, our customers want items that are restored all the way to the 10’s that they can be proud of!  As always hope you enjoyed this gallery and if you see an item that you can’t live without please feel free to give us a call or email, thanks!

Reminding You Of The Simpler Times