Vintage soda machines are not only eye-catching, but they’re also extremely functional. What we call “upright machines” Vendo, Cavalier, Jacobs or Vendolator-VMC are very sought after and have a place in every collection. People have a lot of memories of walking up to a machine inserting a dime and then opening the side glass door to retrieve their ice-cold bottle of soda.

Your other choice is a “chest machine” Glasco, Ideal, Westinghouse, and Victor machines. These are every bit as collectible and a bit more on the practical side. They will not only keep any mix and match, size, and shape beverage cold, they are great at parties to keep different dips, snacks, and cakes, etc. cold. The variety of different styles the chest machines come in, allows us to be more creative with a chosen theme.

You’ll find anything in this gallery from a beach-themed Corona machine to a Jack Daniels cooler that was done for a saloon setting. Then of course you will find the usual restored Coca-Cola cooler and Pepsi machine.

Our soda machines are gone through from top to bottom. Sandblasted and painted inside and out, hand-painted graphics topped with a Urethane clear coat, and last but not least all the electrical and refrigeration components are replaced and brand new.

We can restore your vintage soda machine or we have a wide variety of antique pop machines that we can do to your liking!

What a cool way to serve up beverages in your shop!