Kiddie Rides were found outside many stores and theaters back in the day. A ride on Trigger for 10 cents was a reward that the well-behaved children looked forward to after being dragged somewhere they did not wish to go.  A nickel and an imagination were all that was needed to transport little John or Jane to coin-op nirvana.

From horse rides such as Trigger to the Batmobile (check out our projects page – we have another one waiting for a new Bruce Wayne), dime-store rides have quickly become one of our favorite projects to customize/personalize for our customers. Get a Corvette dime store ride to match the one you have or had. Have a love for Indy 500 Corvette pace-cars or of the cars that raced at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, like a 1/4 midget painted to look like The Bowes Seal Fast AJ Foyt race car? Good news is we have done them both.

How about a boat dime store ride to look like your Cris Craft wooden boat. You choose the colors and name on the back, we can accommodate.

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you motorcycle fans.  We do motorcycle dime store rides to look like your motorcycle.  We love our details like real speedometers, air tires with spoked wheels, leather seats, and hand-painted graphics to complete the look. Last but not least check out one of our favorites, a Model T dime store ride converted to look like a 1920’s gas truck. Have a business you would like a Model T dime store ride modeled after? Call us – I can already say ‘Yes it can be done!’ Have fun with the videos and the gallery, these are restorations that we are most proud of.

Let Us Restore Your Vintage Kiddie Ride!