Cushman was founded in 1903 by the Cushman brothers to make small engines. 1922 saw the introduction of the Husky 4-cycle engine. Scooters were introduced in 1936 to help sell more Husky engines. Their Scooters helped out in World War 2 as they were dropped over enemy lines via parachute with the troops giving instant mobility to our servicemen. After the war, they were used both on the road and in factories where the step-through version made it easy to get around. Sears (remember them when they were relevant?) also sold Cushmans as the AllState.

We have been enjoying Cushmans for years as a hobby and as a part of our business. We have worked on them all, Eagle, Step-Thru, Turtle BackSide-Kar, Package-Kar, Highlander, and all the numerical models.

Restoring them to brand new condition, customizing and modifying them as well as doing ‘patina restorations’ where we leave the scooter looking like it was just found in a barn yet mechanically is perfect. Check out our working Ice-Cream Scooters.

Let us know how we can help get you on the road to vintage Cushman fun!

Vintage Cushmans make great ways to get around and look so cool in the garage!