EV Gas Pumps?

We have invented the EV Gas Pump!

The first fuel pumps were actually designed to dispense kerosene for home use. With the invention of the horseless carriage, fuel pumps were needed to feed the internal combustion beasts on the street. Carts were used with hand-cranked pumps. Early gas pumps were called visible pumps as the fuel was pumped from the tank up to a clear ‘visible’ tank at the top of the pump. When the desired amount was up there, it was then released down into the vehicle.

In the ’30s the round ‘clock’ face pumps took over ‘weighing’ the amount of fuel purchased. From the ’40s on gas pumps took on the rotating number mechanisms.

We restore them all, Bowser, Clear-Vision, Gilbert and Barker, Gilbarco, Wayne, Tokheim, Gas-Boy, and more!

Vintage Gas Pump Restoration or New Ways To Power Your EV