Diamonds in the Rough – available to restore/customize



Here at Bernie’s Restorations we go looking for treasures to restore and customize for you. Check out what we have listed here. We can restore these items to perfect, like new condition or customize them to your look and specifications.


Vintage Tilt-A-Whirl Seat



Weaver Brake Testing Machine


Cool piece of petrolania/shop equipment from way back in the day.  This thing would look great after we restore it for your shop or bar or…?


Ford Distributor Machine


This is a 50’s original Ford distributor stroboscope machine.  It would look great in your shop with a Bernies’s Restoration on it!


Chris Craft Bow Desk


This Chris Craft front would make the ultimate bar on your patio or in your boat house! Lots of potential for bar stools around the outside shelves in the back and a bar top over the top. We have a lot of experience with projects like this we pay attention to all the little details. This bow will sand stain and varnish beautifully!


Alemite Garage Equipment


This a great set of Alemite service station/dealership equipment. Oil drain funnel, chassis lubrication dispenser and gear oil dispenser. Would look great restored in your favorite oil company or automobile dealership brand.


Allen Distributor Machine


This is an Allen Distributor Machine just like you would see at the garage or machine shop to check and set the curve of the distributor – would look great in your shop with a Bernie’s Restoration!


Cigar/Cigarette Machines and Humidors


Some very cool cigar and cigarette machines to be restored to your taste. While cigarettes may not be everybody’s thing but these machines are very collectible and one more thing that’s extinct from our society.


1920’s Moto Mower


You do not see many of these anymore – especially a pre-war one.  This very unique and complete lawn mower with lots of character would look great fully restored.