Restored Items For Sale

We recently restored a couple pretty cool candy/peanut machines. All graphics are hand painted on and clear coated over. These machines are a nice size to fit in just about anywhere.

Snickers Candy Machine For Sale

Planters Peanut Machine For Sale

M&Ms Candy Machine For Sale

Chris Craft Kiddie Dimestore Ride For Sale

All of the graphics and artwork is hand painted and clear coated over. The wood grain paint job was also  done by the same artist. We also clear coated over it to give it a beautiful smooth finish. The bow and stern light, light up. We fit the ride with a new variable speed electric motor. The rider is able to speed the ride up or slow it down with the brass throttle in the cockpit. Also pay close attention to the interior we have made for this ride. All of the wiring is new. We completely disassemble the ride and sandblast all of the components inside and out.