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Vintage Drafting Table by Fredrick’s

Vintage Drafting Table and Stool

Here is a 1920’s Fredricks vintage drafting table and stool. We were able to pick it right here in McHenry and sell it to an engineering firm, we can’t wait to see how they display it. It will be in the perfect setting!

Vintage Drafting Table by Bernies Restorations

Glascock 1930’s Coca Cola Machine

Delivered one of the rarest and in my opinion one of the coolest Coca Cola machines we have ever restored! I will post pictures again when our customer has the coke bottles in the lower racks.

Boss Camping Stove

Here is Boss blu hot camping stove we recently restored. It was never used and still in its original crate when our customer gave it to us for restoration. The only bummer was, the original instructions were in the oven but mice ate them, unfortunately. The legs also slide off so it could be easily stowed away it the family truckster back in the day.